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Our Services

Our Services

Locksmith Nottinghamshire are a mobile Locksmith company delivering a wide range of security services from emergency lock opening to installation of high quality Access Control and CCTV systems.

Our Services

Anti Snap Locks

We fit the best and most cost effective range of Anti Snap Locks to suit your door. The above image is an Anti Snap Lock. Click here to see how your STANDARD barrel if attacked makes your multi-points rendered and why you should have one of our certified engineer's fit them to your door.

Our Services

24 hours a day, 7 Days a Week

More Than Five Years of Experience Association of Accredited Locksmiths.


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Highly Skilled, Professional and certified Security Specialists

Locksmiths Nottinghamshire are home to some of the most experienced Security Engineers around. Our expertise's comes from year's of high quality workmanship and a drive to get our work perfect each and every time. All of our carefully selected engineer's are certified, friendly, trustworthy and credible and strive to complete all work with minimal fuss.

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ULTION saves you
We use high Quality lock manufactures that don't break the bank

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We Stand Out!

WE ARE NOT A CALL CENTRE and we do not miss lead you into thinking we're LOCAL, we really are your LOCAL mobile Locksmiths. This mean's you can be re assured you are getting the very best prices, fastest response time's and the most dedicated customer service from YOUR LOCAL mobile locksmiths team. Our friendly and trusted team are here to help you every step of the way 24/7 and with minimal fuss.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Locksmiths Nottinghamshire pride ourselves in making your experience with us highly satisfactory. Our workmanship is at a very high standard and all our engineers are constantly trained on all the up to date techniques and new products.

Price promise

Our Price Promise

Our prices at Locksmiths Nottinghamshire are calculated by without any middle men or any hidden cost's in the equation and always on fairly priced Labour and parts so we can promise you the most competitive prices around today. We offer fixed quotes were possible so the price your told is the price you pay.


Ways To Pay

Locksmiths Nottinghamshire accepts secure online payments right here through our website for work completed, in advance bookings or required deposit’s where further work takes place.
Note: Under the Consumer Right's Act, you have the right to a return or refund if something you buy is faulty or unfit for purpose. Please be aware we do not re fund for newly fitted parts that have been handled and removed by personnel that are not fully qualified to do so after we have already installed/fitted. Customer's have the right to cancel within seven days of your contract with us, or seven days of receipt of the goods (whichever is the longer)

Locksmiths Nottinghamshire accept's the following credit and debit cards:


I am a business and I would like to pay by invoice! Simply call us and ask for detail's.
No cash handling
Planning made easy
No up front payments
Payment by end of month following invoice
Payment by cheque or bank transfer
Payment by these formats cannot be made by the website. Please contact us to arrange payment.
Refund Policy

Non destructive entry

Non Destructive Entry

Our highly skilled and Accredited locksmiths always use non destructive entry were possible. our engineer's are highly trained and skilled in even the most up to date techniques. Our engineer's get trained and tested regular so even if your engineer on the day has been in the trade over 30 years you can rest assure he is up to date with all the new modern bypass techniques and locks on the market today.

BS Standards


'Does your home insurance comply with :BS3621'
What happens if I do not meet the British Standard? home owner's insurance becomes void as it has become all to often that they have not complied with the required standard :BS3621 as clearly stated in your policy. Insurance companies do not like paying out and any excuse is usually the case, especially when you have just been burgled. Take advantage of our Free Consultation service, we will give you a free security check at your property and talk to you about security upgrade's.


New Home Owner

'Who Has Your Key's'
Our fast and cost effective mobile locksmith service makes it easy for you to be fully assured that only you have the key's to your home. Call us and QUOTE:new home new keys. We have some great packages available and our accredited engineer's are happy to come to your new home for a free consultation.

Key Alike Your Property

Key Alike Your Property

'Unlock your home and business on one key'
Sometimes you may find it can be a small stress unlocking and locking your doors using different key's, We can provide you a solution to your problem. We can have all your property on one key such as your front door, back door, garage and gate.

Master Suite System

Master Suite System

'Take full control of your business'
Controls security within one or more buildings as it gives designated individuals access to specific parts of a building, for example; different departments, private areas or delivery zones.

Key Cutting

Key Cutting

Our mobile engineer's carry a range of cut cutting equipment on board. If additional keys are required on site please ask our highly skilled engineer's for details.

Ultion £1000 Guarantee

Ultion £1000 Guarantee

Does your lock guarantee this; if your lock is snapped during an attack and the intruder gain's access to your property from doing so the lock manufacturer will pay you £1000? Our lock manufacturer does and we're certified to install them to your home or business and register yours today.

Optional Extra's with Ultion

  • GPS key tracking from your phone (Locate the key from an app on your mobile phone and if you still can not see it...NO PROBLEM! you can always ring the key cap resulting in a ringing noise revealing just where you have miss placed your key)

  • Keys

    Make Access To Your Home or Office Easy & Keyless

    Make Access To Your Home or Office Easy & Keyless for a quote today and see for your self how easy our digital range is on your pocket!
    Get in touch with our expert digital lock team today. Digital locks are everyday becoming more popular, convenient and they are looking to be a big part of our future. Have an engineer visit your property today and talk to you about our digital lock range.



    'unlock your door by simply inserting your chip key or dialling in your unique code'

    • Send your children out without a key
    • Easy access for your cleaner, dog sitter e.g
    • Restricted access to you office

    Cutting edge electronic technology combined with mechanical cylinder security for total access control and convenience for your family home and business. We highly rate and recommend this product and our engineer's most certainly get a thrill installing them,
    Hochwertige Deutsch Engineering 'High Quality German Engineering'




    Our Quality CCTV systems help protect your Business or premises 24/7 365 and we can professionally install them to residential & commercial properties. Our expert team will come to your property free of charge and give you an accurate price. All our systems are Guaranteed for at least 3 year's so once the jobs complete you can be re assured you got what you paid for. Call us now and ask to speak to our CCTV expert's.

    House checks

    Have You Completed The Four Check's? The Burglar's Have!

    1. Back Door's Locked?
    2. Windows Locked?
    3. Garage Locked?
    4. Alarm set, front door locked?

    Conditions To Avoid

    Conditions To Avoid

    Burglars always operate under conditions which suits them best. Research has found that by adding to your property's security you can easily put burglars off by making your house an uncomfortable target.
    Burglars don't like:

    • Noise , Especially not when an alarm is causing lots of attention.
    • Security Light's, burglars like it when they can't be seen.
    • High Security Locks, Locksmiths don't like to have to get into them even destructively! we can assure you Burglars don't like them either a they can really easily be put off by hard graft.

    House entry points

    Did you know; A third of burglaries take place between 5-8pm?

    In the second half of last year almost €15 million worth of items were stolen from Irish homes by burglars. The two points of entry that were used most to gain access to homes were the front door and rear windows, according to research published recently.

    The report was published in conjunction with the National Crime Prevention Day of Action and shows that vehicles, jewellery, cash and small electronic items were the items that criminals targeted most often. It also pointed out a trend that a third of all burglaries happened between 5pm and 8pm.

    Through analysis of the reported crimes from last year, the Gardaí indicated that 28% of burglars gained access through a rear window while 27% went through the front door. A further 25% broke in through a back door.


    Boarding Up

    People Board up property's for many reasons emergency or non emergency situations. We can attend your property usually within 30 minutes and with minimal fuss quickly board up your doors and windows.

    CRB & DBS Checked

    All of our locksmiths are CRB Checked or as it is now known as, DBS Checked. We perform a CRB check (DBS check) on all of our locksmiths to ensure that whatever locksmith service you require you are receiving the best service possible and are confident that you are using a trustworthy and reliable locksmith.

    CRB checked

    Whether you are locked out of house or are simply having your locks changed after moving home, we are able to ensure that our locksmiths are:

    • Experienced
    • Trustworthy
    • Credible
    • Trained & Skilled

    As part of the locksmith services provided by our Nottingham, Derbyshire and Leicstershire locksmiths, we are able to carry out a full security and insurance compliance check whilst on site. Our locksmiths are also able to supply and fit quality products that conform to all the relevant requirements set by your home insurance provider. All parts fitted by our local emergency locksmiths also come with a 12 month guarantee for your added peace of mind.

    For more information on CRB checks and DBS checks visit the Disclosure and Barring Service website

    So that’s satisfaction gaurenteed, our promis and CRB.