Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do whilst waiting for my Local Locksmith Nottinghamshire to arrive?

If you have a home or mobile phone, please keep it switched on. Try to keep the line free in case we need to call you en route. If your Locked out please try to remain calm and do not panic, we are experts and we will have you in before you know it.

Should I attempt to remove a broken key myself?

It might be tempting to poke or fiddle with a broken key, but we strongly advise against it. You could cause further damage or push the key beyond extraction point. Please also retain the other part of the broken key so that your locksmith can quickly identify the correct replacement.

Do locksmiths Nottinghamshire offer a 24 hour locksmith service?

We offer 24 hour service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

How long should I expect to wait?

Whether you are locked out or you need key replacement urgently, our Local locksmiths Nottinghamshire can be with you within 30 minutes, usually 10-15 minutes for emergency situations..

Can Locksmiths Nottinghamshire repair UPVC windows and doors?

Yes we can. Our locksmiths in Nottinghamshire specialise in the repair and replacement of UPVC window and door locks, including patio doors.

What are the best door locks and can Locksmiths Nottinghamshire install them?

We would be delighted to help you with your security requirements. The type of lock we recommend will depend on the type of door. For example, UPVC doors require UPVC locks and wooden doors require Mortise or Night latch type locks. Our expert Nottinghasmshire locksmiths will be able to give you the right advice.

Are your locks British Standard locks?

Yes for sure, we can provide you approved to British Standards locks to suit your doors.

Do Locksmiths Nottinghamshire offer commercial security services?

Yes, we can provide a wide range of services for business premises.

Will you damage my locks?

Our expert locksmiths have access to the latest in non-destructive techniques when it comes to gaining entry to a property. Wherever possible we will avoid causing damage to your locks.

Can you provide and install 5 lever mortice locks?

Yes, we can supply and install any kind of mortice lock.

Do Locksmiths Nottinghamshire use reconditioned locks?

No, our locksmiths will always use brand new locks when replacing your lock. After all we warrant all our newly fitted parts for a year minimum.

If you need to replace parts will you need to come back to fit them?

Each of our locksmiths carries a wide selection of spare parts. That means we can usually finish the job within a single visit.

Is there a callout charge?

No, we believe in offering our customers the best prices we can possibly can and absolutely no callout charges. We are your genuine locals and we genuinely price for this, not for Mr 10%.

Should I call a locksmith after a break-in?

Once you have reported the break-in to the police and your insurance company, give our locksmiths a call.

How do I contact Locksmiths Nottinghamshire

24/7 on 0333 77 20452